"Who is IN?"

I really like the notion of, "Who is IN?"  In you.  Behind all the bills you pay, how you pay them, or even how you present yourself in this world in your human stuff sack, called body.  The question, "Who is IN?" is really hard answer.  To answer this, you must remove all the identifiers floating around you.  Remove terms like, WIFE, MOTHER, SISTER, BROTHER, LOVER, etc.  Remove any negative thought you might have about yourself, and remove all answers that identify you as you.  What are you left with?  "What is IN?"

Silence, and meditation are ways I have found that I find the strongest version of myself to answer this question.  IN, can be a radical notion of yourself as a bright light, bright as a 10 AM morning son.  Or maybe you you find a fish?  Who knows!?!? 

So, today I challenge myself, to sit for one hour, each day, and breathe in "Who is IN?" for 30 days.  I will let you know what I come up with.  Shanti Shanti...