Outside, It Is for Everyone

A week or so ago, I let a friend borrow my car, which forced me to get on my mountain bike, "Charlie".  Hehe, "Yes. I have named my bike."  This has slingshot me into how to be the best version of myself rhetoric, and the spring cleaning my body is craving after a relaxing winter and early spring.  That began the dig through my biking clothes to find the appropriate gear to begin some long rides again.  I found some bike shorts that fit around my ass, and some that didn't.  I found some of my favorite cut-offs that I love, and again, some fit, others did not.  I started biking slow, with no judgement.  Sometimes, I allowed myself to use my bus pass to get me to my destinations with my bike in tow, and other times I just biked.  I began to bike too fast, and even hit another cyclist one day, re-injuring my concussion from months before.  Spring 2017 Lesson #1 - Slow is better than fast, distances when taken slowly, are about the journey, not the destination. 

My body by this time was getting used to long rides with mild effort, and I could feel the endorphin production lifting my spirits and my body rewarding me with firmer skin and body parts.  The moment I realized that I might have to take a break from biking for a bit, I remembered that I live in Boulder, Colorado and the hiking trails here are amazing!  Amazing when you know trails you probably won't run into anyone on, and that are mostly up, raising the heart rate and making those calories burn!  I began wondering how I would incorporate these activities, since it's hard for me to motivate myself in the morning to get up and go.  Even though I always love how I feel afterwards.  When I have an extra hour and it's nice out, I have found that I have no excuse to exclude my health from my daily living activities.  I took a break and thought I would log in my actually size, and share my love of the outdoors and the beauty around us.  I have the wonderful habit of not creating excuses when doing activities.  I wear jeans to yoga, because I forget my comfy clothes a lot, or am wearing a dress.  I hike in Tevas or barefoot, or with no support tennis shoes instead of hiking boots.  Now in general, this is not advisable, but I also know myself and where my weaknesses lie...  and that has to do with organization and planning.  That being said, I said yes to permitting more time to be alive, and went to one of my favorite hiking trails.  It takes me 52 minutes to go up and down with a moderate heart rate, fat burning effort.  I encourage you to find your favorite trails that you can come back to, again and again.   If you have any questions about trails in your area, and have no idea where to begin, contact me and lets get you OUTSIDE!