1. Breathe In Gratitude, aka BIG     

     a) Love yourself

     b) Hug trees if you feel lonely  

     c) Lay in the grass or on the ground often

2. Stop when you have reached YOUR limit, not the person in front of or next to you.  

3. Drink more H2O  


5. Get Organized, everywhere in your life.  

6. Wear sunscreen, hats, and UPF rated clothing.  

7. Crying is a good release, SCREAMING in series of 3 is even better.

8. Exercise alone doesn't make you lose weight, what you put in our mouth and stomach matters too.  

9. Naps are essential to longevity.  

10. If you talk your self out of exercising--- A. Set an alarm or two, B. Ask someone to remind you to get some exercise, C. Lay out your exercise clothes the night before, D. Put ON the exercise clothes, because you have a better chance of working out with them on, than off.  

11. DON'T compare yourself to ANYONE! Ingrid Bergman said it best, "Be Yourself, the world loves an original."

12. Listen to your body, it's smarter that you think.  Hehe.

13. Do what you love, not what others love, or others think you might love or what others think you should love.

14. Phoning a friend is always an option.

15. Wear a good tinted lipgloss or chapstick if you don't wear lipstick.  It will make you feel better when you pass a mirror.  

16. Stretch marks happen, just like farts.

17. Take the word, "should" out of your vocabulary.

18. Alcohol is "OK" to drink when you are losing weight.  Clear is good, but really have a glass of wine, not the whole bottle... have a beer, not the entire 6 pack.  

19. Fatigue is REAL, allow yourself to rest when you are tired. 

20. When you find yourself complaining, stop and BIG (Breathe In Gratitude)

21. Go bra-less once a week.

22. Keep a journal

23. Walk barefoot when it is warm, make snowmen when there is good snow, and a its ok to smile at the sun, anytime it is smiling at you.

24. Eat NUTRIENT dense/rich foods.  Like, KALE-BEETS-&-RED QUINOA!

25. Beware of the Sugars...

26. Understand it will take 1-3 years to lose weight if that is your goal.  

27. "Toxicity is Dose" - David Moore

28. Stay away from hot liquids and foods in plastic containers.  Stay away from scratched Tephlon.

29. Go to an REI, they are inspiring.

30. Fairies and Devas are waiting for you to say, "Hi"

31. Love yourself?

1. Breathe In Gratitude, aka BIG