FGIB Hiking Philosophy #1- Go slow, find your pace, drink lots of water, learn to love electrolytes in the Front Range year round, performance food is for everyone, and stop to catch your breath, when your heart rate raises.  

I love hiking, but I can also talk myself out of it.  Silly, huh?  It is a very real situation in my world though.  I feel very fortunate that my ancestors were from the mountains, and I always feel like I breathe easier the higher I go.  This is not the case, for most people. Here in the front range, ascending over 1500-2000 ft during a hike is pretty common.  A solid boot or hiking shoe, cushioned socks, layers and hydration, make hiking in and around Boulder much more enjoyable. (Check out REI to be outfitted.)  Be sure to tell someone where you are going to hike and when you expect to be back from your hike, even if you are going with someone.  Safety is always first.  Phoning a friend for a hike or stroll, can be more motivating than going alone.   NEVER run away from a bear or mountain lion...  Act BIG and walk away slowly, and backwards for bears, and lions, and ALWAYS fight back if you are attacked.  While these are not common situations, THEY are sharing THEIR homes with us, not vice versa.  Pay your parking fee at the trailhead, if you are required, it's polite and keeps these parks going for all to enjoy.  Peeing on a trail is not illegal, but don't leave a mess if you bring your own TP.  Always practice LEAVE NO TRACE philosophies.  Local maps are available online, for most county and National Park Service areas.  Know YOUR route.