FGIB YOGA PHILOSOPHY #1 - You are going to be chubby in that yoga class, before you are thin in that yoga class.  Thin and fit are two different, very different ways a body expresses itself.

Yoga is a SELF-PRACTICE.  There is no comparing yourself to your neighbor, or how well your Downward Dog was yesterday.  Our bodies change from day to day, moment to moment.  I have on more than one occasion, found myself in a yoga class, TEARS streaming down my face, at my own embarrassment that my boobs are too big to look good in "THAT" pose, or because it takes me two steps to go from my plank, to Warrior 1, because the fat flab in my low abdomen no longer allows a 1 step flow, but "requires" a 2 or 3 step flow.  Yes, these are my real thoughts, and real EMOTIONS and REAL tears.  Fact is, all of those reason's are BULLSHIT.  That is simply my practice, and how MY body is present.  

There are hundreds, of lineages of "Yoga" and yoga itself is complete with a very wide range of karmatic, breath, tantric and meditation practices, encompassing various asanas, philosophies, and much much more. 

The following are my opinions in my small experiences into this vast and variable tradition:

Kaiut: Ok, I have only been to a few of these classes, but I am SOLD!  Kaiut Yoga is relatively recent creation by Francisco Kaiut from Brazil.  It is great for the joints, and I have found that it releases so many stuck emotions in my joints... Check out my blog post Titled Kaiut YOGA for more of my interpretation of this style, and follow the links below, for cool articles, and local schedules.

** http://www.huffingtonpost.com/kiri-westby/yoga_b_3417604.html

(Kemper/Christy Kaiut Yoga at Cultivated Healing space above Lucky's Bakery in North Boulder.  www.CultivatedHealing.com for the schedule.)

(https://www.kaiuthathayoga.com/  Stephen & Sara Uvalle teach Kaiut Yoga at Block 1750 in Boulder, CO. All Levels. Every Body. A Practice for Life. $10 drop in)

Bikram/Hot: I am not a huge fan of Bikram or HOT Yoga, and prefer the slow, Yin, Restorative, and traditional Hatha Yoga practices. Many Yang yoga practices target the lengthening and contracting of the muscles.  There are 26 poses, done twice, at a room about 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  At warmer temperatures, you have a bigger chance for over stretching a muscle, and it can wipe you out physically for days, if you are not used to that much heat, that much stretching or sweating.  While sweating is good, over exertion, or exhaustion is not. (However if you are keen to try this, CORE POWER YOGA is a good place to start.)

Yin:  These practices are only a couple of poses, used to really open your hips, pelvis and the lower spine.  Often these are held for up to 20 minutes, and tools and blankets are used to make these really deep poses, comfortable.  I find that my breath finds deep fears, and moves them up and out of my body.  (The Yoga Pod is nice, Boulder favorite of mine to begin this practice.  ALSO, check out FREE classes at the Flagship PRANA store on Broadway, in BOULDER, CO.)

Restorative:  HUGE fan! HUGE fan! It's not "Adult Nap Time", but it is a back to 0mph / Shavasana practice.  Filled with props and a true slowing down of your system, I find that this form of Yoga, has helped me the most when losing weight.  I am able to really connect with my physical self, and find peace in the present moment of my life.  (I really like the classes at the YMCA and Studio Be Yoga, here in Boulder, CO.)

Hatha:  I love this form when practicing with a private teacher, yet, most yogas incorporate this type of yoga, in the sense that there are a several breaths in each pose. Nicole Kikou teaches at Cultivated Healing space above Lucky's Bakery in North Boulder.  www.CultivatedHealing.com for the schedule.

Vinyasa:  This is the class, I have found myself crying in the most, as it involves strength, an almost constant flow, and challenging poses for me at higher weights.  Here in Boulder, it is often filled with young tight assed women there 20's and 30's who have perfected various poses to high degrees.  It is the practice hardest on my ego, and yet, I have probably done the most of it.  Popular in Boulder, many studios teach this practice, it is worth checking out an into class, before every entering an intermediate one.  As your flow and practice grows, it is a great practice for body resistance training, if you can CHECK your ego at the door and focus on your inward development. Finding a teacher who really preaches grace in your own practice is key, and YAY, I feel we have a lot of that here in the Foothills.  (Matt Kapinus is  one of my favorites at the Yoga Pod, and on the Gaiam TV channel, he is also DJ Mr. Gettdowne.)

Oy Vay, there are so many options for yoga.... more to come.

“It has never been a crime to love yourself first. Neither is it a crime to love yourself more.” 
― Edmond Mbiaka